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Hillwig Tool LLC -- Sight Master Pro - Universal Sight Pusher

Due to the over whelming response to this product, it is with excitement I can announce that I have partnered up with: "The Glock Store"

Hillwig Tool XD (and others) sight pusher

To Order the Hillwig Tool Sight Master Pro
visit our exclusive distributor:
Or contact me directly and I will get you to the correct place

The Original Sight tool with the size to get the job done. don't be fooled by "copycats" Has a large and wide cutout to support the firearm correctly and easily to avoid tipping of the slide which can destroy it. Others have a thin cavity which enables slide tipping.
We have added lots of new additions to the tool, like swivel tips on the screws holding the slide to prevent marring.
The new design has a clamp on the bottom and a non-rotating ram.
Dual pushing screws, one on each side to speed up adjustments.
This new design allows for it's time saving use on virtually every pistol slide.
This pusher will remove and install most sights including Tru-Glo.
It has a sight hole to help align the sights quicker.
This tool can help take the nightmare out of changing sights and sighting in virtually any pistol on the market.
If you have a Desert Eagle pistol, email me so I can make the necessary adjustments to the tool so it will work with ease.
It can move and install the sights in both directions.
My neighbor even used it on his muzzel loader!

Be sure to check out Lenny's video of the "Sight Master Pro" in action by clicking the words below.

Sight Master Pro Video
by Lenny Magill and The Glock Store

US Patent #8910413

DON'T BE FOOLED BY COPYCATS - that claim to have developed this tool. There is one sold on eBay & Amazon that is a COPY!!!

The only place you can purchase one these popular tools is by going to our exclusive distributor or thru me direct:


So what are you waiting for? Take the stress out of sights by ordering yours today!

Thanks for making it so popular!!!

Look at the BEAUTIFUL "Work of Art" my friend Lenny Magill at The Glock Store made for me


This sight pushers shown below are Shown on several different XD service pistols.

buck Photo One Photo Two Photo Three Photo Four Photo Five

chip1 chip2 chip3 chip4 chip5

chip6 chip7 chip8 chip9 chip10

Click on a Picture to Enlarge

Click here for a link to a YouTube video of the sight pusher in action
*Compliments of Liberty Fox*
Another satisfied customer

This tool is made of the best possible materials and manufactured to the highest quality possible. It is made of 6061 aluminum which is hard coat anodized for slide protection, wear resistance, and long life. Grade 8 bolts are used, a hardened pusher block which rides on a hardened rail for stability and accuracy, swivel tipped bolts are used to hold the slide in place with a secure grip and the clamp on the bottom.


The user of this device assumes all risks. Hillwig Tool LLC is not responsible for any damage or injury due to the use of this sight pusher. All possible care has been taken to make this sight pusher idiot proof, but there will always be a better idiot, so the user is solely responsible for making sure that no damage is done. The stock front sight may break under the extreme pressure involved in moving or removing, so we cannot be responsible for this. It is a risk that is understood while changing any sights. The replacement sights can be very tight as well. There is a danger of breaking a sight if it is too tight for the dovetail in the slide, but it is rare that an aftermarket sight is as tight as a factory sight. Be sure to remove any locking set screws from new sights before installing; this pusher will install the sight anyway and shear off the screw.

If we need to explain to you to unload your firearm before using this tool, please do not use it. Seek education on firearms safety from a qualified instructor.


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