Original Patented Universal Sight Pusher

US Patent #8910413

This tool has a large and wide cutout, needed to support the firearm correctly and easily, to avoid tipping of the slide which can destroy it.  Others have a thin cavity which enables slide tipping.
We have added lots of new additions to the tool.   

  • Swivel tips on the screws holding the slide to prevent marring and for a secure hold on your slide.  

  • Hard Coat Anodizing so the tool doesn't wear and the coating doesn't come off onto your firearm.
  • The design has a clamp on the bottom to securely hold your slide from moving.   
  • It has a non-rotating ram that is heat treated (pusher jaw)that glides on a hardened rail. One side of the ram is straight and the other angled to accommodate any sight.
  • Dual pushing screws, one on each side to speed up adjustments.
  • This new design allows for it's time saving use on virtually every pistol slide.  
  • This pusher will remove and install most sights including Tru-Glo.   
  • It has a sight hole to help align the sights quicker.
  • This tool can help take the nightmare out of changing sights and sighting in virtually any pistol on the market.   
  • If you have a Desert Eagle pistol, email me so I can make the necessary adjustments to the tool so it will work with ease.   
  • It can move, remove, or install the sights in both directions in minutes.    
  • My neighbor even used it on his muzzle loader!

DON'T BE FOOLED BY COPYCATS - that claim to have developed this tool or sell at a cheaper price.  There is one sold on eBay & Amazon that is a COPY!!!  You get the quality that you pay for!  Cheaper doesn't always work, if you want a quality product, backed by excellent service, years of experience, and a tool that will last as long as your firearm this is the tool for you.