Equipment List

Here is a quick description of our equipment:

  • Two Manual Bridgeport Milling Machines
  • A Trax 3 axis CNC Bed Mill
  • Eltee Pulsitron TR30 Ram EDM
  • Horizontal & Vertical Bandsaw
  • Harig 612 Manual Surface Grinder with attachments
  • Mitsui Manual Surface Grinder with attachments
  • Miltronics ML-14 CNC Lathe
  • A 40 watt Epilog c02 Mini 18 Laser Machine with rotary attachment
  • Manual Darex Endmill Sharpener
  • TDR/SRD Drill Grinder
  • Industrial Sandblast Cabinet
  • Industrial Air compressor
  • Tig Welder
  • Mig Welder
  • Stick Welder
  • Also inside is a complete woodworking shop
  • Currently in the process of obtaining a Large CNC Milling Center
  • Housed in a new 30’ by 40’ steel building with plenty of room for growth.