Actual Customer Comments Unedited

As always, Thank You for your time and Thank You for your business and support.
There are tons of reviews online for my tool so please read up and see THIS IS the BEST tool your money can buy.   

  • Bob wrote:
    Hi Jim - I received your Sight master tool today and I have to say you are a genius! I've been trying for 3 years to get the rear sight off my HK P30 without damaging it and I did it in 2 minutes with your Sight master Pro. It took another 2 minutes to install the new sight. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for inventing such an easy to use tool that really works. I wish I found yours first before I wasted my money on 2 others that are useless. Thanks again and feel free to post this review on your website. Take care, Bob 
  • Michael wrote:
    I am an FFL and I chose the Hillwig Tool sight press for installing sights on my customers firearms. No marring of slides or sights, easy to use, and on top of all of that, the manufacturer backs up the product. Over time I have managed to misplace parts, and even damage the ends of the clamping screws due to my own negligence. I contacted Hillwig and they immediately offered to send me replacement screws with no questions asked, and refused to let me pay for shipping. You do not find many companies providing that kind of service anymore. The products are top notch, and warrant the purchase alone, but you are also buying access to fantastic customer service. 
  • Chip L. wrote:
    Jim, Got the tool today.  All I can say is WOW... you sure take pride in your work!  I have worked in machine shops as an EE over the years (pretty much a 'closet' machinist) and made many tools and other things, but this thing is detailed out to the max! I don't even want to use the pusher as it looks so good, I'm afraid I might put a scratch on it ;) Very well built.  And thank you very much for the extra side screw.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes, here we go... on from 1911 days and into the world of SA XD's and the rest. Will definitely promote your tool, and how prompt the shipping was and your good nature!  Progress pictures to follow... wish me luck. Again, Thank You Jim! Cheers - and stay safe out there, Chip  
  • Robbin P. wrote:
    Hello, just a quick note ... I received the pusher, and have changed out the sights on 3 XDs ... the first two were a piece of cake ... the third one proved to b one of the Xds that I was told about ... had to put a small pipe on the hex wrench to get enough leverage to get it to move ... and move it did, and it changed it out, in spite of the difficulty with both front and back sights ... the only thing that happened was the aluminum block that pushes on the sight, was dented to the point where I had to clean up the pusher block, because of the metal shavings that had flaked off of the block ... so it does work even on the extremely difficult problematic sights ... but it looks like I may need to replace the block after a couple more of the more difficult ones that I may encounter ... and u did give me a extra block ... so just wanted to give u some feedback regarding your product ... thanx again, could not have changed out these sights with anything less than the quality of the design of your tool ... warm regards, Robbin P. 
  • Jerry S. wrote:
    Jim,   I just wanted to say thank you!  I used the sight pusher last night to remove the factory sights and install TruGlo TFOs on my XDM and XDS.  It worked perfectly.  Wow - what a difference it makes to have the right tool for the job.  I have never installed sights before and I had zero problems.  You have truly made a better mousetrap.  Best $120 I have spent in a long time.   Thanks again.   Jerry 
  • Colt K wrote:
     Hi I have a question about the sight pusher.....I have read that most sight tools have issues with clamping the angled sides on XDm slides and they will rock when pressure is applied....Does your pusher with the swivel bolt minimize this? Colt  
    My Answer Was: YES! Thanks Jim
  • Randy Wrote:
    Jim, Just used the sight pusher for the first time tonight. Nice stuff. There is a thread I posted on XD Talk forum. If I had 1 thing I could change it would be putting a pusher block on each side of the tool. I realize that you would have to make the tool wider for that to be a possibility, but it gets to be a bit of a pain bolting everything down, unbolting it, removing the slide to set the ram and block up on the other side then bolting it all back down again. I wasn't sure if I cold punch the guide rod for the block out without damaging the threads so I didn't do that. Anyhow - not complaining, just offering my unsolicited $.02. Other than that, it worked GREAT. Thanks again for all the great service. I hope you get some good business out of my thread. I have 2 more handguns I'll be using this with and possibly 1 more on the way. Looking forward to it. Randy 
  • Vince Wrote:
    Mr Hillwig, I just got the pusher in today's mail, and it worked great! Thanks! I've got my new sights on and I'm ready to go target practice thanks to you! 
  • Mike Z. Wrote:
    I just wanted to thank you for making such a great tool. I was concerned about snapping off the front sight but it came off smooth and clean. I am amazed at the amount of pressure it took. Now I have a brand new set of tritium sights on my XD40. Thanks again,  Mike  
  • Buck Wrote:
    I just got the sight pusher (like 20 minutes ago).  I already put my night sights on my XD-s .45!!   Thank you so much for an awesome tool at an awesome price!  I can sell my Glock only rear sight tool now. Very easy to use, didn't even use grease and it didn't mar up my new Trijicions. Thanks again! -Buck 
  • Benny S Wrote:
    I have used your sight pusher to install front and rear sights on four XDMs and front sights on two Rugers, an SR9 and an SR45. With the sight manufacturers charging 20-35 dollars per sight plus shipping costs you can't go wrong to buy this tool and install them yourself. I also let a friend use the tool to install sights on his Glock. I set it up on a Springfield 1911 just to see it it would work and it looks like it will work fine. If it is possible you will do sights on more than one gun buy the tool.  Benny